About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Earlynne Zulueta and welcome to my blog. I am a full-time Mom and a Japanese Language Instructor by profession. I wanted to take the chance of exploring new opportunities on the web like writing articles on different topics. Cooking, gardening, playing with my 2 dogs, language learning and teaching, and knowledge sharing are amongst my passion and I am starting to take over online opportunities and technological advantage, as well.

Being a driven, passionate, and committed person, I love to share my talent and skills professionally and confidently as I believe that a true mentor is one who leads by example. While I have basically dedicated half of my life to teaching Japanese to local and foreign students, I am starting to open up to the advancement of technology as well and trying out online stuff that allows me to broaden my knowledge and develop further awareness.

In my free time, when I’m not teaching, I take advantage of writing and marketing opportunities on the Internet including online shopping, reading news, and writing articles online

I am also passionate about health and beauty products, fitness, and exercise. I always go to the gym and do my morning workout. Aside from writing about those topics, I also market them to my family, friends, students, and loved ones, especially if they find it interesting, useful, and beneficial so eventually, I am able to help by giving pieces of advice.

Career and Continuous Success

My career all started in Japan. I worked for a Japanese advertising agency for 15 years where I basically learned to love this country and its culture, work ethics, and eventually studied all the aspects of the Japanese language.

When I went back to the Philippines, my professional life as a full-time Japanese Teacher started. I was able to work for Japanese-owned companies. I got a position at a Japanese factory in Laguna and Clark before becoming a full-time language instructor.

I had the opportunity of teaching basic and intermediate levels of Nihongo in various schools, language centers, and universities. I also accept Japanese training and tutorials at home and online.

I have been part of some of the most prestigious language schools in the Philippines including Languages Internationale, a premier foreign language school established in 1965; Reedley International School, an international, coed school located in Pasig City; and Cora Doloroso Career and Language Center in Makati.

My significant years of experience opened a lot of doors to academic and professional opportunities and paved the way to success.